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Why Credit Unions Are Stealing The Banking Spotlight

Credit unions offer a unique banking experience when compared to the traditional big banks, which may be why consumers are turning their attention to what these financial institutions have to offer. Kari Wilfong, CFO, EVP of CO-OP Financial Services, joined Karen Webster to discuss how credit unions are approaching new technologies while trying to keep up with rapidly changing consumer expectations.


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Why Are Fintech Startups Focused on Bringing A.I to Finance?

Since 2015, an increasing number of multi-billion-dollar financial institutions such as Goldman Sachs have exhibited their interest in emerging innovative financial technologies and startups.

Several major banks and financial organizations have established various investment funds for fintech and blockchain startups, to research the application of fintech and blockchain technologies in the financial market.

Blockchain technology focused startups have been the main attraction of these banks. According to the Outlier Ventures research team, there are over 1,000 blockchain startups in existence with most of the companies being backed by venture capital firms and financial establishments.

Despite having large capital offered by banks, blockchain startups have failed to display a real-life application of technology in the financial industry. These companies’ inability to cope with the expectations of the banks led to some changes in the fintech market, with some startups gearing towards the integration of A.I into financial technologies.


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Millennials are ditching financial advisors for apps

It’s time for many technophobic 50-something financial pros to look for another job.

That’s because millennials, many of whom are about to inherit considerable assets, are not looking for a sit-down meeting in a downtown office to discuss investment options.


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The Most Important Thing in FinTech: Advent of APIs and Banking APIs Are Real Too

At the moment, commercial software is used for bookkeeping by many small and medium-sized enterprises, but for the most part, their transaction data has to be added manually. The introduction of an API from their banking service provider would allow businesses and customers access to all bank data in real-time, ultimately giving them more accurate and up-to-date information on finances. With this initiative, customers will be able to compare and save on their accounts and have access to more personalized resources for making the right decisions when it comes to banking.


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12 predictions for how tech will change your financial life in 2016

Just like Amazon changed the face of retail, Apple wreaked havoc on the music industry and Uber is rewriting the rules of the roads, finance is finally getting its day in the disruption sun. A lot has changed already.