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Sharing Financial Data Safely, Smartly, and Profitably
John and Glen kick off a two-part series on Open Banking by discussing two intriguing cyber security solutions, Wells' cardless ATM enablement, and a jazz-playing robot. Then they dig into the EU's Payment Services Directive and what it means for the US

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Interview: BIG Joins forces with MasterCard to launch Setit Credit Tool

Mastercard Executive Vice President John Ainsworth and Best Innovation Group President/Founder John Best joined us on the Studio Lounge to discuss the launch of a really cool service called Setit Credit -- a card management tool designed to improve cardholder experience in an easy to use and secure platform. Pretty revolutionary stuff here, so check it out and let us know your thoughts.


How EMV is Like Obamacare
Maybe it was the cold medication talking. I was multi-tasking one recent morning- reading payments headlines online, listening to political turmoil on the radio, and sneezing for about the fifth day straight. Suddenly I saw the connection: Obamacare and the US EMV migration to chip-based debit and credit cards have traveled very similar paths.

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The Amazon Effect On … Payments

We spend a lot of time talking about the impact of the “Amazon Effect” on traditional retail’s current misfortunes. But there’s another “Amazon Effect” which goes largely ignored, and which could be even more disruptive. As we heard Amazon’s VP of Payments, Patrick Gauthier, tell me last week at The Innovation Project, Amazon is thinking well beyond the “buy button” to a new commerce interface that has the potential to put the company in the middle of commerce every place a consumer wants to buy, using the most natural buying interface there is — the voice.


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Accenture to Acquire First Annapolis, Enhancing Its Consulting and Advisory Capabilities in Payments

First Annapolis to add expertise across the payments value chain to Accenture’s consulting and digital capabilities