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Industries Where FinTech Is Changing The Game

It hasn’t been very long since people like Don Draper were required for virtually all parts of personal and business finance. Sending money, lending, and payments were all monopolized by the banking industry. Thanks to leaders in the financial technology community, known collectively as “FinTech,” that is all changing.

Money is moving faster than ever, and the banking industry chokehold on financial transactions is loosening. Here are some industries where we are seeing rapid change thanks to FinTech and where we can expect to see much more progress in the future.


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What Do The Hiccups Of 2016 Mean For Alternative Lending In The New Year?

“Alternative lending is dead,” said Rob Frohwein, co-founder and CEO of Kabbage, “but not because of the hiccups that have occurred in the industry.”

LendingClub was the first of those hiccups this year. These hiccups have left some investors wondering whether the promise of alternative lending - wider access to capital, less burdensome application processes, all possible through the harnessing of technology - had faded in 2016.


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Blockchain Technology Could Change The Way We Invest

Blockchain is still in its “early” stages of development, but corporations and regulators are opening up to the idea of leveraging its benefits. Blockchain could help to reduce costs, and increase security and transparency in the financial world. The technology allows for the tracking of the ownership of assets, both during and after transactions are completed. Consequently, this innovative technology could transform the way we invest.


Digital Lending - Opportunity in Disruption

John and Sumeet Gupta from the Credit Union Lending Exchange (CULE) discuss his extensive background in digital lending, how it led him to create the Credit Union Lending Exchange, and the value proposition for Credit Unions to participate in the CULE.

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Online Lenders to See More Regulation … And Soon

In a move that may add insult to injury, the online lending sector may have to gird for more regulation amid the stings of rather souring headlines that have come out of the sector for months. Reuters reported on Friday (Sept. 16) that online lenders are under scrutiny in the United States amid regulators’ concerns that the companies are “not doing enough to protect customers or prevent reckless lending practices.”

Though no specifics — at least in terms of actual proposed curbs on certain business practices or certain boosts to consumer protections — were divulged this past week, Reuters did note that Thomas Curry, who serves as U.S. comptroller of the currency (OCC), which regulates federal banks, told online lending industry stakeholders at a marketplace policy gathering that a new framework will be forthcoming this fall, and that framework, said Curry, “will support responsible innovation … Innovation can’t be responsible if it abuses customers.”