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Best Innovation Group Announces Reseller Agreement with Symitar
Best Innovation Group (BIG), a credit union innovation catalyst, today announced a reseller agreement with Symitar®, the recognized leader in delivering core technology systems to credit unions, to bring its Amazon Echo Alexa Voice Service-based banking solution to the credit union community.
Internet Of Things (IoT) Outlook For 2017

As we say goodbye to 2016, it’s almost required, as analysts, that we put together an outlook for the year to come. For the internet of things (IoT), 2017 will be another year of growth—and potentially some contraction.


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A Secure Model of IoT with Blockchain

The Internet of Things is a fast-growing, increasingly complex network of connected devices. This excerpt from an Open Mind article touches on blockchain as a way of securing this new ecosystem.


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Internet Of Things: Beyond the Smartphone Screen

A recent report from Deloitte shows the extent to which people in the UK have become ‘addicted’ to their smartphones. 10% admitted to using their handsets “always” or “very often” while eating at home or in restaurants, a third of UK adults has argued with their partner about using their mobile phone too much, 50% of 18 to 24 year olds said they checked their phones in the middle of the night (mainly for instant messaging and social media) and one in ten adults admitted to reaching for their phone as soon as they woke up.


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Data politics and the internet of things

As the appetite for big data increases, are citizens becoming little more than information-gathering sensors? Researcher Dr Rachel O’Dwyer explores the ethics and privacy concerns burdening the internet of things.

You Will Go to the Moon was published by children’s authors Ira and Mae Freeman in 1959, several years before the first moon landing. The illustrated children’s book tried to imagine a future of space exploration that has yet to come to pass. Space exploration eventually did happen, just not in the imaginary of a 1950s futurism with moon cars, dome-shaped houses and aluminium miniskirts.

The internet of things (IoT) is caught in a similar moment of suspension between wild imaginaries of connected futures (‘Your house will know when granny has had a stroke’) and an already pervasive reality that we don’t always recognise – maybe because it doesn’t quite look like Minority Report. But this doesn’t mean it isn’t already a reality and, even now, shaping key areas of our lives.