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Internet Of Things Depends On Businesses Working Together

This week, the newly created White House American Technology Council convened a series of policy discussions on the emerging Internet of Things (IoT), something I have discussed here in the past. The news is a welcome and timely development, given the breakneck speed at which IoT technologies are progressing – from driverless cars, to remote surgeries, to 21st Century Smart Cities. In the not-so-distant future, the IoT could be integrated into essentially every aspect of consumers’ daily lives.


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Google, Amazon Enjoying Healthy Growth Of Voice-Activated Devices

Voice-activated technology has been growing in adoption, with the Amazon Echo and Google Home both seeing an increase in units sold of 39 percent year-over-year.

That’s according to an analyst by ADI, which was covered by CMO. “This indicates that devices sales are performing well but have not yet become a standard household purchase,” Trevor Jones, an analyst at ADI, said in the report.


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How The Bitcoin Revolution Will Affect Entrepreneurs

It’s been dubbed digital gold for Millennials and anybody else with a sense for good investments. Virtual currencies like Bitcoin are revolutionizing how we make transactions and interact with our global financial system. These unconventional and futuristic currencies are changing our financial world in ways we are just now beginning to grasp.


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Voice Payments Ready to Take Center Stage

The introduction of new voice-driven digital assistants has captured the imagination of consumers and businesses alike. As more developers build capabilities for these devices, consumers will increase usage, providing the springboard for integration with digital banking solutions such as voice-driven payments.


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Prepare your CU for voice technology

Voice technology has not hit the tipping point yet, but it soon will and credit unions need to be ready, says Elizabeth Robins, product director at Best Innovation Group, a CUNA consulting partner.


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Voice-First Technology Is About To Kill Advertising As We Know It

Advertising Does Not Exist In The Voice First World



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