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Want better data? Ask your members for it

There is a new normal when it comes to customer loyalty, says Support EXP’s CEO Rhonda Sheets.

Sheets calls that new norm “Generation CX”—in other words, a generation that demands a different kind of consumer experience.


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CU Ledger is a ‘true opportunity’ for CUs

Wandering through all the details about CU Ledger, distributed ledger technology, or blockchain might be a bit confusing.

But here’s what you need to know, says Best Innovation Group CEO John Best: “It is a true opportunity for credit unions.”


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UK-based blockchain app could be a game-changer this side of the pond

A new blockchain mobile app, the first of its kind, is making waves across the pond with the goal of making “everyone a bank.” As a result, U.S. tech experts say, the credit union industry can longer take a wait-and-see approach to this technology.


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ISO preps blockchain standards

Blockchain technology holds immense promise to revolutionize financial transactions – and with it, improve a whole host of things from financial inclusion to efficiencies in government, health and all areas of business.


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Banks pour $107M into blockchain consortium R3

R3, the bank consortium that’s building a distributed ledger specifically for financial institutions, received its first wave of funding Tuesday morning — a cool $107 million from 40 of its backers. The money should give a boost to R3, which has suffered several defections in recent months. JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Banco Santander, Morgan Stanley and National Australia Bank have pulled out of the group.

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Credit Unions Seek to Become First to Market With Banking Blockchain

The credit union industry is following the lead of hackers and thieves, according to Jeff Johnson, chief information officer at Illinois-based Baxter Credit Union (BCU). "This is going to sound strange," he said. "[But] criminals, no matter how much you hate them, are really smart people. They take the path of least resistance." In his mind, if it’s working for international payments on the black market, there has to be a way to leverage the technology for above-board use that is just as robust, anonymous and secure.



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