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How The Bitcoin Revolution Will Affect Entrepreneurs

It’s been dubbed digital gold for Millennials and anybody else with a sense for good investments. Virtual currencies like Bitcoin are revolutionizing how we make transactions and interact with our global financial system. These unconventional and futuristic currencies are changing our financial world in ways we are just now beginning to grasp.


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Voice Payments Ready to Take Center Stage

The introduction of new voice-driven digital assistants has captured the imagination of consumers and businesses alike. As more developers build capabilities for these devices, consumers will increase usage, providing the springboard for integration with digital banking solutions such as voice-driven payments.


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Will Amazon become a force in fintech?

Amazon is the tech giant most likely to become a dominant player in fintech, predicted James Lloyd, Ernst & Young’s fintech lead, when speaking on stage at TechCrunch and TechNode’s event in Shenzhen, China on Monday.


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Top takeaways from the AXFI Data Analytics Conference

The AXFI conference isn’t the most intuitively named financial services conference. But that’s about the only thing it doesn’t do well.

Designed to address the intersection of data analytics and financial innovation—with a decidedly credit union leaning—AXFI (Analytics and Financial Innovation) recently wrapped up its fourth annual event in suburban Minneapolis with about 300 highly engaged attendees.

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Amazon And The Art of (The Grocery) War

Let me tell you a story about the art of the grocery store war, one that Amazon and supermarket Whole Foods just took to the next level.

Chinese general and military strategist, Sun Tzu, was all about winning when the competition was fierce and the stakes were very high and he wrote a book to prove it. His thirteen-chapter book written in the 5th century B.C. – The Art of War – lays out his very strategic approach for how to do that. This 2,500-year old best seller was first translated into English in 1910 and has influenced the actions of military leaders, business executives, political figures, trial lawyers and sports team coaches in modern times.

Live from the Killer Fintech Speed Rounds
John and Glen's third and final AXFI recap features interviews with the visionaries behind the innovations featured on stage in Minneapolis.

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