A Jumbo Jet is not a Helicopter

A Jumbo Jet is not a Helicopter

A Jumbo Jet is not a Helicopter

John speaks with Tim Swanson of R3 to learn how to build distributed ledger technology that is fit for the purpose of FI.


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In This Episode:

  • Tim Swanson’s work at Director of Market Research at R3 and the focus of the company.
  • A breakdown the differences between public and private distributed ledger technology.
  • The circumstances surrounding why blockchain was created, and how FI’s will need to ‘fit for purpose’ to make this technology work for them moving forward.
  • The reasons behind the boom in distributed ledger interest within the FI industry.
  • R3’s approach to the legal and regulatory issues surrounding this technology.
  • The goals of the R3 Global Collaborative Lab
  • The misconceptions between distributed ledger and blockchain and how R3’s ‘blockchain inspired’ purpose-built technology came to be created.
  • The future of R3 and how they seek to grow into international markets.
  • Find Tim Swanson on LinkedIn or Twitter: @ofnumbers

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