The Latest FinTech Innovations - in 7 Minutes or Less

The Latest FinTech Innovations - in 7 Minutes or Less

The Latest FinTech Innovations - in 7 Minutes or Less

John and Glen discuss takeaways from the recent Finovate conference and share on-site interviews with some of their favorite presenters - including 2 Best of Show winners.


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In This Episode:

  • A recap of the latest Wells Fargo scandal news, including the Senate Banking Committee hearing.
  • Glen’ is attending the Bank Customer Experience Summit and provides a recap on the sessions he found the most interesting and the eye-opening insights he gained on FinTech, CUs and Millennials.
  • Glen attended the Finovate conference and recorded interviews with various presenters, including the following.
    • Swych – Swych is a mobile gifting platform based on social commerce that works across different digital platforms.
    • Clinc – Clinc has created a natural language machine learning (AI) app that is a mobile financial advisor that allows users to hold free-form conversations with their banking apps.
    • Daon – Daon provides biometric authentication and identity solutions.
    • Urban FT – Urban FT allows credit unions to update apps without direct member actions or IT intervention.

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Upcoming Events

  • September 29, Personal Information Economy 2016 Conference, London, England. John will present CULedger at the CtrlShift sponsored conference:
  • September 28 - October 1, CUNA TECHNOLOGY COUNCIL CONFERENCE. Elliot Cotto and Tom Stacy present "Credit Unions Win with Distributed Ledger and Universal Identity." Click here for more information.

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