Bankruption: A Discussion on Digital and Culture with John Waupsh

Bankruption: A Discussion on Digital and Culture with John Waupsh

Bankruption: A Discussion on Digital and Culture with John Waupsh

John Waupsh, Chief Innovation Officer at Kasasa, discusses his book Bankruption: How Community Banking Can Survive Fintech.


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In this episode:

  • The digital and cultural factors that led John to write Bankruption.
  • The perception of digital as a “silver bullet” solution.
  • The evolution of corporate organizations and the impact of member decisions on how financial institutions operate.
  • The vendor / FI relationship and the role of the vendor in leading institutional change.
  • Factors and influences on internal R&D and innovation investment.
  • A discussion of the research and data contained in the book, and the information available for download.
  • The different industry and FinTech influencers John interviewed for Bankruption.

Visit To learn more about John Waupsh, and to see his speaking schedule, visit his Web site at You can learn more about Kasasa and its branded retail products and services at

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