FinTech Innovation with a Posh Accent
John and Glen discuss the most interesting new ideas they saw at the recent Finovate conference in London, including on-site interviews with five presenting companies.
Segmentation and Statistics, a Conversation with Steven D. Simpson
Steven discusses data analytics segmentation and business intelligence; how it works and how credit unions can utilize it for targeted marketing, product and member development, and as a competitive tool.
Predictions, Surprises, and Same Day ACH
John and Glen opine on the 2017 prognostications of John MacAllister and Byron Wien, get too close for comfort on politics, and applaud Same Day ACH's fast start. Also- listener mail, and a Casey Kasem impersonation
FinTech and Innovation in Switzerland – A Discussion with Filmmaker and Entrepreneur Manuel Stagars
Entrepreneur, author and filmmaker Manuel Stagars discusses his documentary film FinTech Made in Switzerland.
Are Bank Accounts Necessary? And, Other Stuff…
In the second part of this episode, John and Glen debate the conclusions of a recent Stuff You Should Know podcast on whether a bank account is necessary. Also, listener mail on the Internet of Things.