The Cost Of Holding Onto Old Data Tech

The Cost Of Holding Onto Old Data Tech

The Cost Of Holding Onto Old Data Tech

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Even more than a lack of money or time, corporate culture can sometimes be the largest barrier to change within an organization — and that rings true when it comes to adopting new and better technologies. Analysis recently released by data analytics software company SAS found that internal leadership plays a key role in a company’s ability to integrate new technologies.

According to SAS, while hurdles including data preparation capabilities are key to facilitating the adoption of new data tools, other factors are at play that are less easily addressed.

“Even organizations that are strong in these areas say that they see significant challenges with things like innovation, creativity and leadership,” the company found in a survey conducted in conjunction with IIA for their 2016 IIA and SAS Business Intelligence and Analytics Capabilities Report. “Without a strong vision and buy-in at the executive level, resulting initiatives will naturally fail or underperform.”

Inciting a change in corporate culture to an environment that embraces innovative technology is certainly no easy feat, but the latest analysis from SAS is urging companies to push forward with these efforts, because while there is a cost to integrating disruptive technologies, the cost of remaining stagnant could be higher.

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