Best Innovation Group debuts new platform at SymEast 2017.

Best Innovation Group debuts new platform at SymEast 2017.

Best Innovation Group debuts new platform at SymEast 2017.

SymEast is a regional group of Symitar core processing system users comprised of credit unions located in the eastern US. The user group's main function is the annual SymEast conference, an educational event which brings together a wide variety of vendors, subject matter experts and users to share their knowledge, expertise and experience with the credit union community.

This year's conference, held April 15-20th in Louisville, Kentucky, finds Best Innovation Group debuting the upcoming release of their newest product, Setit Credit. Setit Credit is a card management tool designed to improve cardholder experience and increase credit union interchange revenue in an easy to use, secure platform. 

This unique and powerful platform enables credit unions to create a secure environment for members to associate their CU's debit and credit cards with their favorite merchant sites. From subscription sites like Netflix, Spotify and Amazon to mobile carriers and retailers, Setit Credit helps members keep their linked cards current on vendor sites, monitoring for expirations and member data changes that may need updates. 

Setit Credit encourages members to move from costlier online bill pay platforms to revenue-generating card payments by including connectivity to local and regional merchants and vendors like utilities. Setit Credit notifies members and the credit union of any issues encountered while monitoring linked cards, providing members the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing someone is watching out for their financial safety. Setit Credit also increases the credit union’s interchange revenue by encouraging members to keep the CU card linked to as many merchants as possible and making that connection simple to create.

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