If Wells is any guide, Equifax had better buckle up for a long, bumpy ride
Doesn’t it seem like more than a year that we’ve been reading about the Wells Fargo scandal? I’m sure for anyone working at Wells, the ordeal feels like it’s already dragged on FAR longer than a year.
Balancing Customer Privacy and National Security - Hypothetically
What if you woke up one morning to discover your FI on a WikiLeaks list of institutions to which the NSA had gained back door access?
Join us for the Setit Credit Webinar Series
Setit Credit was created to turn Card Not Present transactions into seamless member payment experiences that allow additional revenue opportunities for credit unions.

Will be first to leverage the API capabilities of Best Innovation Group’s innovative card management tool

Suncoast Credit Union to offer Setit Credit to its Debit/Credit Cardholders
Best Innovation Group (BIG), a credit union innovation catalyst with 20 years of payments experience, today announced that Suncoast Credit Union has signed to offer SetIt Credit, a card management tool designed to improve cardholder experience in an easy to use, secure platform.
Fiduciary Responsibility: a Golden Credit Union Opportunity

People helping people.

It’s a fundamental premise of the credit union movement, and one that received plenty of attention at CUNA’s annual Governmental Affairs Conference in Washington DC this February.

  • 5 April 2017
  • Author: Glen Sarvady
  • Number of views: 1745
  • Comments: 1
How EMV is Like Obamacare
Maybe it was the cold medication talking. I was multi-tasking one recent morning- reading payments headlines online, listening to political turmoil on the radio, and sneezing for about the fifth day straight. Suddenly I saw the connection: Obamacare and the US EMV migration to chip-based debit and credit cards have traveled very similar paths.
  • 24 March 2017
  • Author: Glen Sarvady
  • Number of views: 3038
  • Comments: 4

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